Lilijana Javorić Ilić
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Eight years ago in Slovenia, namely in Škofija Loka, I finished several educational courses for making stained glass in straight and curved lines, and I am fascinated by the beauty of antique glass framed in lead couplings from which there is always a story radiating through.
'L-ART' is the full name of my traditional craft store. Under the motto of merging the past and the present, I make unique lamps, vases, candle holders, mirrors, angels, jewelry, pictures of castles, churches, stained glass windows for church premises and private homes. The pieces are created at a home workshop and are exhibited at my own exhibition and sales gallery.
I was a member of the Tiffany Association 'Magnolia' and currently I'm an active member of the TA 'Kala' so that I can exhibit across Croatia jointly with all members of the same affiliation.


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