Tiffany udruga Kala

The Tiffany Association 'Kala' was established in June 2011. With its objectives, modes, and a part of the members, it represents a certain continuation of the Tiffany Association 'Magnolia', which was established in 2007. The Association's field of interest is making glass objects in the Tiffany technique. Members make ​​replicas of Tiffany lamps, lamps of their own design, stained glass windows, panels, vases, clocks, jewelry and other utility objects that are feasible in this technique. The goal of the Association members is to inform the public about the Tiffany technique, organize workshops and courses, to develop a program of international cooperation, and to organize and participate in exhibitions.

A part of the Association's members completed the Tiffany technique course at the Public Open University (POU) in Zagreb. A part of them learned the technique in other ways with great effort and love, or completed the education abroad. The Association is a place for socializing, work and exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The technique is very precise and demanding, and takes a lot of time and patience from each designer. A lot of work hours are spent in making ​​an object that would later attract attention. The technique consists of precise hand cutting of glass, sanding it, and wrapping the edge of each piece of glass in copper foil. After that, the pieces are arranged according to a given scheme, connected (soldered) with tin, and finally all joints (solders) are cleaned and patinated.

Nowadays we wonder whether this kind of manual work makes sense and whether it is appreciated enough. The imposing question is whether serial production can stifle the creative work of a hardworking and skillful designer of a lamp or some other object. A lot of love and effort have been invested in each object, reflecting in a series of exhibitions and presentations that the members accomplished in a very short period of time since the establishment of the T.A. 'Magnolia' and the T.A. 'Kala'. The following are some of them: several exhibitions in Zagreb (Gallery 'Zvonimir', Gallery ' Kristofor Stanković', Gallery 'Kupola'), two exhibitions in Petrinja at the Gallery ' Krsto Hegedušić' of which the first one in 2007 was crucial for the establishment of the Tiffany association 'Magnolia'. Then there were the exhibitions in Karlovac, Duga Resa, Varaždin, Terme Tuhelj (as a part of the manifestation 'Dani Mihanovića'), and several presentations in Bjelovar ('Bjelovar City Museum', manifestation 'Terezijana'). Each year, the Association takes part in the Zagreb Fair at the Fair 'Ambienta' and the fair 'Craftsmanship'. Some of the members have solo exhibitions, which demonstrate their great enthusiasm.

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Tiffany udruga Kala